The purpose of the Swiss Rifle Museum is to show the history of shooting in Switzerland, and to collect, where necessary acquire, and set in order everything relevant to this: such as arms, ammunition, commemorative coins from shooting championships, medals, cups, reports and accounts from shooting championships, shooting programmes and regulations, placards, models, literature, and much else. The collection possessed by the Swiss Rifle Museum holds the requisite objects and documents this history, covering the period from the foundation of the Swiss national rifle association in 1824. Its inventory provides a complete overview of Swiss firearms since 1817, and includes shooting trophies of national and international importance, prizes and lithographs, placards and commemorative cups, clocks and medals.

Since its foundation the Swiss Rifle Museum has served as the archives for the Swiss national rifle association (the SSV: formerly Schweizerischer Schützenverein, now Schweizer Schiessportverband), and as a source for information on shooting in Switzerland. In the annual thematic special exhibitions a current event connected with Swiss shooting today is set in historical context and enriched with this background.

The operation of the Museum is financed by the Swiss national rifle association (SSV) in accordance with the SSV’s schedule of functions of 1 January 2007.

Special exhibitions, events and acquisitions are made possible by money from sponsors, donations, and contributions from the Friends of the Swiss Rifle Museum.

The Swiss Rifle Museum maintains a close collaboration with other cultural organizations and specialist commissions.



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Glimpse of the Storeroom

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