On the occasion of the Federal Rifle Championships in the Swiss federal capital Berne, the Championships’ Organizing Committee resolved, on 14 November 1885, to establish a “Shooters’ Chamber”, whose purpose would be to collect and display shooting trophies and preserve them for posterity. From 1885 to 1895 this Swiss Shooters’ Chamber was located in what was known as the Haller house, Inselgasse 5 (today the Kochergasse), on the site of the present Hotel Bellevue. From 1895 to 1939 the Shooters’ Chamber was lodged in the east tower of the Bernese Historical Museum.

By deed of 27 March 1904 the Swiss national rifle association took on the patronage of the Shooters’ Chamber, and in 1914 it became the Swiss Rifle Museum. In 1939 the Museum was established in the newly constructed building where we are at present. In 1987 and 1990 the Museum was renovated inside and out, and the second floor underwent a reconstruction in 2004.

For practical planning reasons the Swiss Rifle Museum became a charitable foundation as of 1 January 2007, in accordance with Art. 80ff of the Swiss civil code.




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Glimpse of the Storeroom

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