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Let your treasures sparkle!
Exquisite Pieces fro the Collections of the Swiss Rifle Museum


03.11.2017 – 17.06.2018


Never Walk Alone

16 June 2016 – 26 March 2017


Travelling exhibition, on loan from the Library Am Guisanplatz to the the Swiss Rifle Museum, Bern.

In association with:
Library Am Guisanplatz, Bern
HAMFU Foundation, Uster
HAM Foundation, Thun
Flieger Flab Museum, Dübendorf


16 June 2016 – 26 March 2017

Small cabinet exhibition in the Swiss Rifle Museum



Federal Rifle Championships Valais 2015
Give all you’ve got!




Geneva 1814 – 2014. 200 Years of History
08.05.2014 – 29.04.2015 (prolonged)

Partner and Sponsor: Exercices de l’Arquebuse et de la Navigation (




Tin. Walter Flach and his Tin Soldiers

Walter Flach and his Tin Soldiers



Kings – Kaiser – Goddesses
A special exhibition themed around national games, alpine festivals, and the shooting culture of hunters and marksmen, to mark the occasion of the 2013 Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival at Burgdorf in Emmental, and the centenary of the Neuenegg historic rifle match (1913-2013).
6 June 2013 –30 March 2014

Bild Kuhkampf: © Schweizer Milchproduzenten SMP



Icons in the Rifle Museum

A small exhibition.

28 March – 26 Mai 2013

Schriftstück Napoléon Louis Bonaparte 1834

Original document from Napoléon Louis Bonaparte 1834



Jubilees. 75th and 150th anniversaries of the Rütlischiessen matches; centenary of the Swiss Gunsmiths and Gun Trade Association; centenary of the Morgartenschiessen.
3 May 2012 – 24 March 2013.













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