Management / Outline



The Swiss Rifle Museum Foundation consists of a Foundation Council and the Museum Director.


Introductory Outline

The organizational transformation of the Swiss Rifle Museum into a foundation, broadening its basis, has been accompanied by a fresh directional concept. This carries forward the earlier development of the Shooters’ Chamber into the Swiss Rifle Museum as a cultural enterprise, and takes account of modern museum structuring.

The aim is to go still further in meeting the requirements of the Museum’s visitors, who number around 6000 from home and abroad. With the provision of an electronic museum guide in German, French, Italian and English, as well as with the air rifle shooting facility, we also offer a multifaceted programme for families and children.

Thanks to sponsorship from the Lottery Fund of the Canton of Berne, the Community of Bernese Citizens, the Bank EEK and Berner Kantonalbank, 2011/2012 the realization of the new quadrilingual Museum home page and the publication of the Museum guide in German, French, Italian and English were possible.

The Swiss Rifle Museum has set itself an important objective in having its unique archival collection professionally prepared and made publicly accessible by internet.








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Glimpse of the Storeroom

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